Automotive Crankshafts, Part 2 – Shot Blasting Machines Designed for Crankshafts

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As established in Part 1 of our Automotive Blog Series, “Cost-Effective Surface Improvement for Key Engine Components,” shot blasting is an effective technique for the surface treatment of automotive parts including crankshafts.



Used in heavy trucks, heavy equipment, and, even,

large ships, crankshafts enable an engine to move a vehicle by converting the

reciprocating (up/down) movement of the pistons/connecting rods into a

rotational movement that propels the vehicle forward.



Depending on their size, weight, and production volume, crankshafts can be blast-cleaned in different machines. Rosler Metal Finishing offers solutions for a wide range of crankshaft types with weights from 15 to more than 500 lbs and lengths from 10 up to 80 in and more.


Typical Machines



Built with specific work pieces in mind, the

machines designed to process crankshafts are as diverse as the work pieces they





RHBE Spinner Hanger Series


For somewhat larger work pieces with relatively low production volumes, Rosler’s RHBE spinner hanger machines offer flexible options.


Rosler RHBE 17/22 spinner hanger shot blasting machine


For example, the RHBE 17/22 spinner hanger shot blast machine with a working envelope of 67 x 86 in allows the individual blast cleaning of crankshafts with lengths of up to 80 in and weights of more than 500 lbs In case of smaller crankshafts, a special work piece fixture permits the simultaneous processing of eight or more components.

Rosler RHBE Overhead Rail Machine


RKWS Crankshaft Blast Machine Series



In recent years there has been a trend towards

specially engineered, dedicated shot blast machines allowing low-cost,

efficient blast cleaning of large volumes of small to midsize crankshafts.



Rosler RKWS 3 x 4 blast machine



Responding to this trend, Rosler has introduced

two specially engineered, highly compact shot blasters, the RKWS 2 x 2 and the

RKWS 3 x 4. These machines offer cycle times of 20 seconds per part for the

RKWS 2 x 2 and 15 seconds per two parts for the RKWS 3 x 4, including work piece

loading and unloading by multi-axis robots.



Gamma G Turbines



The specific turbines used in a shot blasting

machine greatly impact its effectiveness and efficiency. That’s why Rosler

designed its Gamma 400 G turbines.



Rosler Gamma G turbine blade



These turbines produce 20 percent higher blast

performance and lower energy consumption than conventional blast wheels. With a

quick-change system, the Gamma blades minimize downtime caused by blade

changes. To minimize wear and the need to purchase new blades, Gamma blades are

curved to allow both sides of the blades to be used for added longevity.

Maintenance demonstration for Gamma 400 G turbine blast machine blades


The Rosler Way


With more than 80 years of experience, Rosler has the technology and drive to develop a shot blasting application for your automotive crankshaft needs. Contact us to discuss your challenges and needs so we can help you find a better way.



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