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Forge & Foundry, Part 11 – Top Mass Finishing Machines for Cleaning Die Castings

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Rosler Metal Finishing has decades of experience in the forge and foundry industries, especially when it comes to mass finishing for die-casted work pieces.


Our Forge & Foundry Blog Series continues with an overview of our top five mass finishing machines for precise cleaning of die castings.


Standard Rotary Vibrators


Media and parts are placed into a circular processing bowl in standard rotary vibrators. The energy from a vibratory motor causes the media and parts to freely tumble over each other. Some models are equipped with an internal separation device for separating the finished work pieces from the media.


Rotary vibrators can be used for batch and continuous feed processing.


The R620 Euro is one of Rosler's standard rotary vibrator models


Rosler’s standard rotary vibrator models include the models EC, Euro, A, and R.


Ideal Work Pieces — Small to fist-sized die-castings such as shoe buckles, furniture fittings, gear shifter forks, electrical components



Work pieces processed by one of Rosler's standard rotary vibrators


Learn more about these machines in our Rotary Vibrator Guidebook (PDF).


Long Radius Rotary Vibrators


Built upon the rotary vibrator technology, long radius machines feature much bigger overall diameter and larger processing bowls. The expanded processing area allows for considerably longer cycle times in continuous feed mode.


Known as the LR models at Rosler, these machines allow for batch and continuous feed processing.


Rosler's LR models are long radius rotary vibrator machines


Ideal Work Pieces — Small- to mid-sized die-castings including small gear boxes, bearing housings, mirror frames for cars, all kinds of engine and transmission components


Work pieces processed by one of Rosler's long radius rotary vibrators


Learn more about Rosler’s LR capabilities in our Long Radius Guidebook (PDF).


Multi-Channel, Continuous Flow Rotary Vibrators


The major difference between a multi-channel, continuous flow rotary vibrator and a standard rotary vibrator is the processing channel’s spiral arrangement to create extremely long processing channels of up to 31 ft (9.5 m). The unique channel design draws work pieces apart so they almost never touch each other during the finishing process and always features continuous feed processing.


Rosler’s linear, continuous flow vibrators are known as the SE models.


The Rosler SE model is a multi-channel rotary vibrator


Ideal Work Pieces — Small to mid-sized somewhat delicate components, particularly parts with critical sealing areas that must not be damaged including parts for espresso machines and model train cars


Model train cars processed by one of Rosler's Multi-channel continuous flow rotary vibrators machines


More information is available in our Multi-Channel Continuous Flow Systems Guidebook (PDF)


Linear, Continuous Flow Vibrators


Powerful vibratory drive systems are mounted underneath rectangular processing bowls in linear, continuous flow vibrators. They always feature continuous feed processing.


Known as DA models at Rosler, these machines are the largest and most powerful mass finishing machines available. 


Rosler's linear continuous flow vibrator machine offerings include this DA 650 6600


Ideal Work Pieces — Mid-sized to large, somewhat sturdy, die-castings that are not damaged by tumbling over each other including power drill housings, cylinder head covers, oil pans, transmission housings, disks for automatic transmissions


Impact wrench housings processed by one of Rosler's linear continuous-flow vibrators


Learn about Rosler’s DA capabilities in our Linear, Continuous Feed Systems Guidebook (PDF).


Tub Vibrators


Similar to linear, continuous flow vibrators, tub vibrators feature rectangular processing bowls with a powerful vibratory drive system mounted underneath. Tub vibrators are available in a wide range of sizes from very small to extra large, allowing the processing of a wide work piece spectrum, from small to very large, up to 10 ft (3 m) long and 5 ft (1.5 m) wide.


Rosler offers several tub vibrator models including the TE, Compact TE, TSD, TU, TUD, TUM, and RMO, all of which feature batch processing.


The Rosler TUM is one of Rosler's tub vibrator machine offerings


Ideal Work Pieces — Large housings, large light casings, structural airframe parts, or smaller parts in low to medium production volumes


A large die cast cover processed in one of Rosler's tub vibrators


Learn more about Rosler’s various tub vibrator models and capabilities in our Tub Vibrators Guidebook (PDF).


The Rosler Way


The Rosler team is uniquely capable to solve mass finishing challenges, especially when it comes to die castings. Contact us to share your needs so we can develop a solution.


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