Wet Blasting Technology, Part 5 – PureFinish® Offers Food-Grade Excellence

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Within the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, hygiene is a top priority. For safety and quality assurance, the occurrence of contamination through bacteria, proteins, or other elements must be prevented. Process plants require a defined, homogeneous, and reproducible surface for all parts that come in contact with food, beverages, chemicals, and pharmaceutical products.


Rosler delivers full compliance cleaning for stainless steel surfaces with PureFinish®, a unique wet blasting process.



What is PureFinish®?


Rosler developed this proprietary blasting process to deep-clean stainless steel components. Media specifically designed by Rosler for this environmentally friendly process remains suspended in water and is propelled onto the work piece surface with velocity. 



In the example shown, oxidation from welding on stainless steel components is completely removed after treatment with PureFinish®.



Optimum Surface Finish


The key advantage of PureFinish® is the optimum surface finish it achieves. The process creates a highly homogeneous surface profile with roughness readings of Ra = 0.25-0.60 µm.


Not too rough and not too smooth, this profile is ideal for preventing bacteria from growing on and adhering to the surface. As shown below, bacteria growth only occurs if a surface is too rough or too smooth.


Surface characteristics and goals


This optimum surface profile allows easy removal of dirt and bacteria and, therefore, facilitates cleaning and sterilizing the surface.


Additional advantages include:


  • PureFinish® meets all hygienic requirements of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group).
  • Much lower ratings on the Soil Retention Index (SRI) compared to stainless steel surfaces cleaned with other cleaning methods.
  • Considerably fewer contaminants left on the surface.
  • The purely mechanical process does not require any hazardous pickling chemicals.
  • PureFinish® creates a peening effect on the surface that makes the component more durable and prevents premature corrosion due to stress cracking.


A welded work piece before and after PureFinish® treatment


The Rosler Way


With more than 80 years of experience in surface finishing, the Rosler team has expertise in the wet blasting field. This experience allowed us to create PureFinish® and its unique capabilities. To demonstrate our capabilities, we offer FREE sample processing in our global test centers. Contact us to discuss your wet blasting goals and challenges.


The complete Wet Blasting Technology Series includes:



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