Wet Blasting Equipment & Media, Part 4 – Internal Cleaning, Rebuilds Prolong Machine Lifetime  

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While highly effective in a number of applications and industries, wet blasting can be a messy process. Unlike dry shot blasting which produces dust, wet blasting generates a mix of media, dirt, and debris mixed with water mist.


If this water/particle mix is not removed properly the machine itself may be soiled to the point that it cannot be used. Mist which escapes the machine can also cause health hazards to personnel and other equipment in the area.


Rosler builds its wet blasting machines with usability and safety in mind, factoring in precautions and cleaning functions to prolong the machine’s use and ensuring a clean, safe work environment.



Internal Cleaning


Rinse systems flush out contaminants including dirt, broken down media, and oil from the blast cabinet.


After each blast cycle the inside of the wet blast machine must be cleaned by completely rinsing it down with clean water.


High-pressure spray nozzles are installed to rinse the wet blasting machine’s viewing window.


During the blast cycle and as needed, high-pressure spray nozzles rinse off any dirt from the viewing window.


Water mist from processing as well as the internal cleaning process is continuously removed from the blast cabinet by a suction fan equipped with a filter which removes contaminants from the water.


Rebuilding Established Systems


Blast machines are often a considerable investment for companies. When these highly specialized and high-investment pieces of equipment start to show signs of wear and underperformance, expert surface finishing companies such as Rosler can help prolong the life and effectiveness of your investment by repairing and rebuilding a machine instead of replacing it.


Cost is often the biggest factor considered when rebuilding a blasting machine. Generally, rebuilds offer shorter turnaround times than buying a new machine. Rebuilds also come with the added benefit of not needing to integrate a new process since the process already includes a proven shot blasting process.


The Rosler Way


We have the experience and expertise to meet your wet blasting needs. Rosler partners with you to find a better way, the best machine, and the best finishing results. Contact us today to discuss your unique challenges.


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