New Compounds Double Process Water Usability

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Experienced manufacturers know that optimum mass finishing process water handling, dosing, and recycling can significantly reduce operational costs and improve finishing results.


With approximately 15,000 different products and the largest, continuously expanding range of media and compounds in the world, Rosler has the machines, consumables, and the experience to develop and maintain precise, efficient, and sustainable surface finishing processes.


Our latest innovation in the field of consumables, Long Life Compounds known as LF compounds, allows mass finishing operations to further optimize their process water cycles.




LF compounds utilize a special combination of raw materials to guarantee a remarkably high degree of sanitary stability. So much so that, in most cases, the addition of biocides to process water can be eliminated or greatly reduced when using these new compounds.



Cleaner water, in turn, extends the usable life of your process water by nearly twofold. These savings in water and compound usage as well as associated disposal costs produce cost savings of up to 60%.


These compounds also assist in optimizing mass finishing operations by lowering maintenance costs of the water recycling/circulation system itself and producing increased system availability and productivity.




Generally, any process with a recirculation system can utilize LF compounds. Finishing applications in need of increasing bactericides and hazardous substances, in particular, are good candidates for the use of LF compounds.


Processes in need of defoaming compounds or additives also benefit from switching to LF compounds.




Typically used to reduce issues of foaming, Rosler’s ZF compounds have been further optimized leading to the introduction of the long life LF compounds range. Effective properties of these existing compounds have been integrated into the new products along with improved system hygiene features.


The LF compound line will continue to grow. Currently available formulas and their defining characteristics include:


  • LF 110 – Offers the highest corrosion protection.
  • LF 113 – Designed for universal application.
  • LF 138 – Designed for universal application with good degreasing properties.


The Rosler Way


We understand that your work pieces deserve special treatment. When it comes to placing the optimal finish on their surface, you can rely on Rosler’s consumables and equipment. With more than 80 years of experience and an ever-evolving catalog of developments and innovations, we are confident that we can improve your surface finishing processes.


Contact us to discuss your mass finishing and process water needs.

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