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Determining The Need For a Shot Blast Rebuild.

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Why Rebuild a Shot Blasting Machine?

Shot blast machines are often a considerable investment for companies. When these highly specialized and high investment pieces of equipment start to show signs of wear and underperformance, expert surface finishing companies such as Rosler Metal Finishing can help prolong the life and effectiveness of your investment by repairing and rebuilding a machine instead of replacing it.013_03_RRB_42_6_L_mitUnscharfHG

Cost is often the biggest factor considered when rebuilding a shot blasting machine. Generally, rebuilds offer shorter turnaround times than buying a new machine. Rebuilds also come with the added benefit of not needing to integrate a new process since the process already includes a proven shot blasting process.

Levels of Rebuilds

The extensiveness of the rebuild process depends on your specific machine, its condition, and your expectations for longevity versus quick repair.

Different levels of rebuilds fall into three categories:

  • Routine Service Visits – While comparatively light in depth, this method is the csm_Retrofti_STR2_b6c837812dmost frequent checkup of the three. During this basic inspection and maintenance, common wear components are replaced including blades liners and internal wear components on a wheel.
  • Replacing Sub Components – This option is the middle of the road in terms of time and cost investment. A thorough inspection of the liners, elevator belts, auger screws, and anything that comes in contact with abrasives identifies parts in need of replacement. The parts in need are then built to spec by Rosler Metal Finishing before being shipped and installed by internal maintenance professionals at the customer’s facility. Based on customer preference, Rosler can also service and install the parts.
  • Full Rebuilds – As the costliest, yet most restorative of the rebuild categories, full machine builds bring a machine back to “like new” condition. After decommissioning, a machine is shipped to Rosler and extensively rebuilt. Work includes replacing power transmissions, motors, bearings, drives, liners, belts,
    Blast turbines are commonly upgraded/replaced during rebuilds.  Picture above is Rosler's newest turbine, the Gamma G.     

    turbines, and more in addition to all power transition devices. The machine is often stripped down to a metal box and may even include new control panels.

Choosing a Rebuild Option

Deciding which rebuild option is best for your organization requires evaluating your tolerance for downtime as well as cost. There are a few different ways of handling machine downtime. For example, building up inventory ahead of the planned downtime or trying to schedule it around holidays or scheduled shutdowns may be an option. If duplicate machines are available, raising the throughput on other equipment to cover for the missing machine may also be effective.

It’s important to consider the feasibility of a rebuild backed by a knowledgeable manufacturer’s quote.

When the cost for a rebuild is greater than buying a new machine, the decision is easily made.

The Rosler Way

Whatever your rebuild needs are, you can count on Rosler Metal Finishing to help you find a better way. We can service and rebuild our machines as well as those of our competitors. Contact us today to discuss your unique challenges.

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Rosler Metal Finishing, USA

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