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Integrable swing chamber blast machine enables parts processing in the production cycle
The transformation of the automotive industry continues apace. At the beginning of June, the European Union decided to ban the sale of combustion engines from 2035. Subject to the approval of the individual EU member states, only electric cars or comparable climate-neutral vehicle systems may then be sold. To further increase their range, carmakers will rely even more on lightweight components in the future. However, lightweight components have already been used increasingly in automotive construction for years, for example to reduce emissions from classic internal combustion engines.
Lightweight components include stator carriers, housings and components for drive technology, as well as axle and wheel mounts. These are produced by sand, pressure or injection molding. The parts then have to be finely desanded, deburred and their surfaces homogenized. For this purpose, our blasting technology experts at Rösler develop customized solutions. One of these is our compact swing chamber blast machine with automated parts handling. It was developed in such a way that it can be integrated into compact production lines in a space-saving manner. This enables parts processing in a production cycle - efficient, process-oriented and innovative.

The advantages of the RWK swing chamber blast machine:

  • Shortened cycle time due to simultaneous blasting as well as loading and unloading process
  • Optimal for integration into existing production lines
  • Process-safe pick-up of components due to integrated pneumatic clamping unit
  • High blast intensity thanks to high-performance turbines
  • Blast chamber made of manganese steel with additional exchangeable plates