Consumables and their fields of application

By participating in this seminar you will gain special knowledge about mass finishing consumables that is based on our over 80 years of practical experience. This two day training will help you to extend your knowledge about the various grinding, polishing and drying media and the finishing compounds. It will also inform you about their function, technical details and their fields of application. Furthermore, you will learn, which mass finishing consumables are best suited for the various processing methods.

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Seminar/training content:


  • The function of the media in the mass finishing process
  • Ceramic media (technical characteristics, applications, shapes and sizes)
  • Plastic media (technical characteristics, applications, shapes and sizes)
  • Media selection (selection criteria, exercises for media selection)

Special media:

  • Drying media, polishing media, blasting media, polishing pastes, RAT anti-adhesion beads, etc.


  • Function and technical characteristics
  • Compound types (liquid, powder, pastes, process water additives) and selection

Target groups:

Users of and newcomers to the mass finishing technology, e.g. production planners, production supervisors, production foremen and machine operators.


Completion of the training course "MF.1 Introduction to mass finishing” is highly recommended.


Your trainer:

Name: Simon Wasser

With Rösler OberflÀchentechnik since: 2009

Main activity: Sales and Service Mass finishing

Certified specialist trainer: MF.2 Rotary and tub vibrators, MF.3 Process water technology/ Centrifuges, MF.4 Application technology, TS.1 Washing technology and technical cleanliness and MF.6 Consumables and their fields of application

Motivation to be a trainer:

  • Knowledge exchange with seminar participants from different fields of activity
  • The latest media technology and opportunities in the Academy for conveying
    specialist knowledge
  • Learning success with the participants