Post Processing of additive manufactured components – from support removal to surface finish

In this practical seminar you will be informed about the post processing possibilities for components produced by the various printing technologies. Subsequently, you will be able to apply this knowledge to your specific 3D printing applications. Besides learning the proper data handling procedures for 3D printing processes you will also acquire knowledge that allows you to consider the post processing aspects of a 3D printed product already during the design and printing phase.

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Seminar/training content:

  • The relationship between the 3D printing and post processing phase
  • Support removal
  • Surface refinement
  • The influence of data preparation on the post processing phase


The goal of this seminar is to share comprehensive knowledge about the challenges posed by post processing. The participants will learn to prepare, assess and implement the optimal post processing methods for components produced by additive manufacturing.

Target group:

Technical personnel with different professional backgrounds in the fields of production, research & development, sales and quality control. Basic experience with 3D printing is a pre-condition for participating in this seminar.


Your trainer:

Name: Julian Ponsel

With Rösler OberflÀchentechnik since: 2022

Main activity: Technical Sales Expert

Certified specialist trainer: AM.1 Post Processing of additive manufactured parts

Motivation to be a trainer:

  • Enthusiasm for the transfer of knowledge
  • Personal passion in an exciting specialist field
  • Opening up new perspectives