Process water technology/Centrifuges

Process water cleaning and recycling systems can be easily linked with practically any mass finishing machine. This has a positive effect on the cost-efficiency and sustainability. This seminar provides you with comprehensive knowledge about the functional characteristics of centrifuges. In addition to the technical aspects of this equipment type we will also inform you about the various recycling compounds and their applications. Moreover, you will learn how to troubleshoot process problems, and we will offer you an overview over the monitoring of your process water cleaning and recycling system.

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Seminar/training content:

  • Basics of process water cleaning and recycling
  • Consumables
  • Process water treatment
  • Troubleshooting
  • Monitoring of your process water cleaning and recycling system

Target group:

Actual users of and newcomers, e.g. production planners or production supervisors, who have to deal with the cleaning and disposal of industrial wastewater.


We suggest combining this seminar with the training "MF.1 Introduction to mass finishing” and more detailed courses regarding mass finishing equipment.




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