Aerospace, Part 2 – Innovative Finishing for Aerospace components

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The aerospace industry demands high repeatability and adherence to strict production tolerances. As we discovered in Aerospace, Part 1, Rosler Metal Finishing’s surface finishing technology delivers the precision needed for aerospace components both large and small.

For complicated gear components, we turn to our drag finishing systems for exact results every time.

Small to medium size structural aircraft parts

Characterized by its sturdy design and numerous technical features, Rosler Metal Finishing’s drag finishing systems are ideal for high value and sensitive parts such as aerospace components that cannot touch each other during the finishing process.

Consistent, Repeatable, Economical Surface Finishes

Z1000 centrifuge

Equipped with a rotary carousel featuring 2 to 12 spindles to mount the parts, work pieces are “dragged” through the media mass. The rotation of both the carousel and the spindles guarantee an even treatment of the parts. Drag finishing offers a metal removal rate that is up to 40 times higher than conventional vibratory finishing.

Worn processing media that has become too small is discharged through screens in the work bowl bottom. A level indicator shows the operator when to add new media, which is done manually. A Z1000 centrifuge with fully automatic sludge discharge cleans the process water, with a timer controlling the automatic compound replenishment.

Drag finishing typically replaces manual deburring and grinding operations that are labor intensive, noisy, and dirty. Automating the finishing process offers lower rates of rework and scrap.

We’ve proven again and again that Rosler’s drag finishing technology produces even treatment as well as low costs and minimal reject rates. That’s why our machines are used where repeatable and efficient processing is demanded, like in the medical field and throughout the aerospace industry.

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