Dry electropolishing
Dry electropolishing (DryLyte)

Industry Series

The machines of the Industry Series were specially designed for precise surface finishing of high-value metal components used in medical applications, luxury goods, tool making, as well as in the food and pharmaceutical industry. In these demanding industries the innovative DLyte equipment frequently replaces manual operations. This facilitates comprehensive automation of the process chain and, thus, results in high-quality, absolutely consistent surface finishes and stable manufacturing costs.  

The unbeatable combination of consistent high-gloss polishes, cost-efficiency and process stability opens completely new production alternatives. Moreover, the DLyte machines generate not only optically pleasing finishing results, but they also improve the quality and extend the expected service life of your work pieces.

  • Innovative work piece mounting system

  • Proven hardware

  • Tailormade software solutions

  • User-friendly equipment design

  • Ecofriendly and CE-certified

  • Easy exchange of the processing media

DLyte Desktop PRO

Working volume
Ø80 mm x 50 mm


Working volume
Ø75 mm x 50 mm


Working volume
Ø120 mm x 50 mm


Working volume
Ø180 mm x 80 mm

DLyte 100PRO

Working volume
Ø180 mm x 80 mm

DLyte PRO500

Working volume
Ø700 mm x 250 mm

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