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Perfect Finishes Require Using the Perfect Consumables

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Surface finishing balances machine and consumable capabilities with part conditions and goals. Utilizing the appropriate media, compounds, and pastes is critical for success.

Rösler offers a variety of shot blasting and mass finishing processes in addition to manufacturing the necessary consumables in-house to provide the optimum solution for each surface finishing application.
Individually, these processes are highly effective, but when combined, stunning results are produced for a wide array of industries, especially within the medical device and trauma, joint replacement, and orthopedic implant sectors.

Medical Applications

Rösler produces plastic finishing media and chemical treatment agents known as compounds, process water and wastewater cleaners, and has more than 60 years of experience in the production of ceramic media.

The Rösler consumables product portfolio contains more than 15,000 products, making it the most comprehensive program in the world.

Our range of surface finishing media includes ceramic and plastic surface finishing media with sizes from 1/32 to 3 in (0.8 to 80 mm) and the greatest range of shapes on the market, allowing us to provide the most effective combination of process consumables, which can be tailored to each application. We also keep special sizes on hand.

Medical Implant process from raw to finished.

Special consumables have been developed for the medical industry resulting in industry-leading finishing processes for joint replacement implants, trauma implants, medical instruments, and more. The different finishing stages require specific grinding and polishing media and compounds to achieve an extremely smooth, high-gloss finish of the component while maintaining perfect process stability.

The high gloss polish can be the final finish, preparation for PVD coatings, or an anti-glare matte blast finish.  

The KeramoFinishÂź process uses special polishing media and polishing pastes to achieve these extremely smooth, homogeneous finishes on parts that can be processed in mass finishing systems, without compromising the geometrical integrity of the work pieces.



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