Croom chooses Rösler as a strategic partner

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Croom Precision Medical chooses Rösler as a strategic partner for the design, manufacture and installation of a dependable orthopaedic implant finishing system.

This was no exception when Croom Medical approached Rösler with their plans to expand and increase their production & throughput of medical implants.
As an industry leader in utilising high-tech, high-growth, cutting-edge medical device manufacturing technology, Croom Medical has over 37 years’ experience in partnering with global healthcare companies as an outsourced manufacturing service of high precision components and medical devices.

The cooperation throughout the project from Croom Medical, the end customer and the personnel involved within the Rösler organisation, both in the UK & Germany, was indispensable from the initial contact through to the final installation & commissioning. The project itself and timeframe was completed within the expected timeline and also, in part, took place under some rather complicated circumstances (COVID-restrictions and required protocol) however, with the support from all at Croom Medical to our installation and engineering team, everything resulted in a commendable operation. With the installation now in place, Croom Medical can immediately proceed with the validation processes to fulfil their promise to their customer and subsequent commitments to patients.

The Rösler equipment is designed to polish implants to an agreed standard, set within the industry, where surface finishing after machining is stipulated to provide consistent and reproducible results in a controlled process. The advantage of the Rösler designed system is the ability to finish multiple implants at a time based on the required batch size, which in turn reduces overall cost per part compared to other traditional finishing methods.