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Digitalization, Industry 4.0, smart solutions: our world of work is changing faster than ever before. At the same time, the skills shortage across all sectors is creating enormous challenges. Highly trained staff are now the most important asset for businesses.

With our Rösler Academy, we have sent a clear signal and training courses, continuing professional development and staff training are now central in our company, and not just with regard to location. We offer our employees regular in-house training programs in our Rösler Academy. As part of our Rösler ecosystem, the Academy is also an important part of providing customer service and support. We don’t just want to focus on offering machines, products and consumables. We also want to support you in providing your employees with the necessary specialized knowledge.

You and your employees can rely on our trainers certified by TÜV Rheinland and benefit from the knowledge of a company that has continually set the standard in surface finishing over decades. Our training programs include in-demand basic training in mass finishing and shot blasting as well as very practice-oriented courses such as user training on centrifuge technology. Take a look through our training program. We are happy to organize your visit.

Because learning never stops. And even the smartest brain sometimes needs a refresher.

Training Program

Free live webinar

Surface finishing of medical components

Oktober 24 - 3 p.m.

Live-Webinar of the Rösler Academy for the topic “Surface finishing of medical components” by using mass finishing technology.

Language: English

Duration: 60 min

Trainer Mass Finishing

Jörg LÀssig

Jörg LĂ€ssig

  • MF.1 Introduction to mass finishing
Simon Wasser

Simon Wasser

  • MF.2 Rotary and tub vibrators
  • MF.3 Process water technology/ Centrifuges
  • MF.4 Application technology
  • MF.6 Consumables and their fields of application
  • TS.5 Washing technology and technical cleanliness

Trainer Shot Blasting

Thomas Gundermann

Thomas Gundermann

  • SB.1 Introduction to shot blasting
Stefan Baumann

Stefan Baumann

  • SB.3 The shot peening process
Tom Kollacks

Tom Kollacks

  • SB.4 Blast cleaning and painting preservation for steel plates and beams
  • SB.7 Understanding blast turbines for media acceleration
Manfred Kohmann

Manfred Kohmann

  • SB.6 How to maintain your shot blasting machine

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