Process engineering

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We focus on surface technology – with the overall process in mind

Ideal solutions are more than the sum of system, consumables, and processing methods. They must fit the overall process of our customers and take into account the individual value chain as well as the production environment. In doing so, we strive to embed the surface finishing process into the production chain as smoothly as possible and with as little logistical and personnel effort as possible.

In the first step, our experts will help clarify your production conditions and expectations on site and record the results in standardized questionnaires. At this point, we can determine whether we can offer you further process steps in addition to pure surface finishing (e.g., in the area of parts cleaning, process water treatment, or process automation). Clear aspiration: we deal with challenges before they become problems and consider all eventualities.

It is then only a matter of the actual surface finishing process. For many decades, we have prided ourselves on the reliable and proven work of our experts in the CEC. Modern digital tools such as simulation technology now enable us to shorten the complex and time-consuming series of tests. In shot blasting in particular, we can use digital twins to transfer real processes completely into the virtual and thus considerably reduce the costs of process finding – all while increasing effectiveness.

In order to provide you with a customized offer, we use numerous analog and digital means,
which we combine in process engineering.

Automation engineering

Process engineering becomes particularly exciting when the steps upstream and downstream of surface finishing are fully automated. At the interface of robotics and surface processing, we at Rösler have set new standards – particularly in mass finishing – and can now offer the highest degree of automation on the market. For this purpose, we use the synergies of a company that is active worldwide in research and development. For the complete automation of production lines, we cooperate with our colleagues from Rösler France, who specialize in robotics and automation.

Thanks to our many years of experience in surface processing, we know that only holistic solutions work – and we can implement them in a targeted manner by harnessing the power of the widely diversified Rösler Group.
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