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The most comprehensive range of consumables on the global market

Here at Rösler, we have over 60 years of experience in the production of consumables. Over time, our unique portfolio of mass finishing media and compounds has grown to approx. 15,000 products. This includes many customer-specific solutions, such as the smallest defined-shape ceramic media worldwide.

We now offer the most comprehensive range of consumables worldwide. All consumables sold by the Rösler Group have been developed by experts, tested under real-life conditions in our own Customer Experience Centers and optimized. They meet the highest environmental standards. One way that we monitor the quality of our consumable production is through following the strict quality criteria of DIN EN ISO 9001. We also guarantee you complete quality assurance – from the raw material to the release of the end product.

During the production of our consumables, we focus in particular on:

  • avoiding the release of harmful emissions into the environment
  • using energy and resources efficiently
  • transitioning to renewable energy
  • using sustainably produced resources
  • avoiding waste and enabling closed-loop material cycles & recycling

Thanks to our unique product range and years of process know-how, we can find the best combination of consumables for your individual finishing requirements.


Ceramic media

Ceramic Media

Ceramic media are renowned for being particularly durable and effective. They are excellently suited to the aggressive grinding and edge rounding of hard materials.

Plastic media

Plastic Media

Plastic media are used for the gentle deburring, edge rounding or grinding of brass, aluminum or copper. They are only approximately half the weight of ceramic media.



Compounds are the magic potion of mass finishing – their composition determines the reliability of the vibratory finishing process and the additional effects achieved in addition to the removal of material. They are available as liquids, powders and pastes.

Polishing and Drying Media

Polishing and Drying Media

We adapt polishing agents, drying agents and other auxiliary agents to your individual mass finishing process. Defoaming agents, anti-adhesion balls, biocides and many other special compounds complete our full range of vibratory finishing products.


Shot blasting media

We also provide in-depth, comprehensive advice in relation to shot blasting and all common blast media, which we have at our Customer Experience Center for test purposes.

Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets

Our safety data sheets are prepared in accordance with the currently valid regulation. Safety data sheets in the local language are available for all European countries.

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