Compounds – guarantee a high-quality mass finishing process

With few exceptions, all mass finishing processes require the addition of “process water”. This is usually supplied to the mass finishing process in the form of fresh water in combination with solid or liquid compounds.

The fluid is used to absorb and remove the material removed from the work pieces and finishing media during processing, to keep the media surface open and active, and thus to ensure that the mass finishing process maintains a consistently high level of quality. The added compounds are selected according to the material to be processed, the area of application, and the desired processing objective.

While the predecessors of today’s mass finishing compounds were mostly highly alkaline and heavily enriched with complexing agents, the main ingredients of our current compounds are organic substances that are almost completely degradable and do not contain any substances that are hazardous to water. In addition, almost any mass finishing system and process can be operated with a modern processing water circulation system from Rösler. The high-performance centrifuges specially developed for the mass finishing process and the process fluids involved offer excellent purity of the centrifugate thanks to their high separation efficiency of solids (abrasive particles), which is perfectly suited for recirculation. This increases the potential savings in chemical feed stocks and fresh water use and ensures the sustainability of the overall process. In combination with our newly developed long-life compounds, compound savings of up to 60% are possible in this way.


Compounds usually have other specific properties that support the respective mass finishing process.

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Liquid compounds that can be easily and flexibly metered with automatic systems can be used for a wide range of applications – from acid pickling to highly alkaline degreasing and corrosion protection for sensitive materials.

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We use powder compounds to enhance certain effects of the liquid compounds. For example, if work pieces with a particularly high level of oil or grease enter the process and need to be degreased/cleaned during the mass finishing process or parts need particularly strong corrosion protection. Additional abrasives can also be incorporated into the powder compounds, which are used in addition to the actual finishing media for grinding support.

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For some mass finshing processes, we also use compounds in paste form. Well-known products include grinding and polishing pastes for the Rösler Keramo FinishÂź process for smoothing and polishing steel, stainless steel, or many other alloys. In general, various mass finishing results can be achieved with pastes – from rough grinding to creation of high-gloss surfaces.

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