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Shot Blasting Mass Finishing

Rösler Smart Solutions – Digitalization solutions for surface finishing

  • Active process monitoring with live data collection and recommended corrective actions
  • Faster response in case of deviations and equipment faults
  • Reduced costs through optimized use of resources
  • Less unplanned downtime through preventive maintenance for shot blasting machines
  • User friendly, intuitive and less labor intensive
  • Sensitive customer data secured through local data connection

With our Rösler Smart Solutions, we are entering the future of surface finishing. Digital solutions in the field of mass finishing and shot blasting have long been more than just a nice extra for our customers, instead they provide specific support to help you to meet the growing challenges you face every day in a modern industrial environment.

Dealing with the skills shortage: with Rösler Smart Solutions, we offer tools that newcomers to the profession can operate independently and reliably with only a little training. That is a major advantage for our customers. The software allows your machines to be operated in a less labor-intensive way and minimizes the risk of operator errors.

Our software solutions are unbeatable and also enable you to get a quick overview of all the consumption parameters. They offer full control of all the resources used, helping our customers to effectively control and reduce processing costs.

Rösler Smart Solutions goes even further: our digitalization solutions make our customers’ systems and machines more transparent and detect maintenance tasks and wear at an early stage. This predictive maintenance significantly reduces costs, but it is also key in terms of the sustainability of a machine. It helps to avoid waste. For example, with regard to the blast media used. It can also prevent approximately 70 percent of all unplanned downtime.

One thing is certain: the total security of our customers’ sometimes highly sensitive data is our top priority. That’s why with our Rösler Smart Solutions, we offer a software solution that our customers can access anytime and from anywhere via a smartphone, tablet or PC. While at the same time, we secure this customer data through a local connection and do not store it in the cloud.

Shot Blasting

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Blast media consumption

The main cost driver in almost every shot blasting process is the blast media. Rösler Smart Solutions records the exact quantity of media used and creates visual data of daily consumption. By directly comparing the consumption with the blasting work carried out, process deviations can be picked up immediately. In this way, we help you to use your resources optimally and economically.

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Blasting power output graph

In order to bring together all the quality-relevant parameters in the blasting process, we have developed blasting power output as a new performance indicator. The media throwing speed and the blast media throughput have a direct impact on the quality of the finished workpiece. Rösler Smart Solutions constantly records these parameters for every turbine, compares the target value and actual value and visualizes this in graph form. Ensure your process quality before expensive manufacturing errors occur!

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Preventive maintenance

Wear and maintenance are important factors for shot blasting machines. In order to guarantee the best possible uptime, preventive maintenance measures are essential. Rösler Smart Solutions offers a tool that enables you to monitor the condition of consumable parts easily from your computer or tablet. Time-consuming on-site meetings are therefore avoided and you have time for more important tasks!

Mass Finishing

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Avoiding unplanned process water changes and unexpected costs

The output quality of the mass finishing process goes hand in hand with the quality of the process water. Rösler Smart Solutions offers a comprehensive tool for monitoring and recording different process parameters, such as compound concentration, pH value, conductivity and microbiological contamination. You can keep an eye on these sensitive parameters at all times and detect when a value is about to deviate from specified range at an early stage. If this occurs, the program instructs you to take corrective actions in order to restabilize the system.

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Troubleshooting assistance

Rösler Smart Solutions gives you specific troubleshooting instructions: if the software detects that certain values deviate from their set parameters or tolerance range, it immediately proposes recommendations for corrective actions based on the data you entered. By addressing potential issues at an early stage, defective products and production downtime can be avoided. Rösler Smart Solutions also offers another significant advantage: staff do not require specialist knowledge to implement the actions recommended by the software. Instead, this can simply be done by an employee who is familiar with the RSS system.

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Optimizing the use of resources

Saving resources is key when it comes to sustainability and cost control. Fortunately, the software also records and continually evaluates your use of consumables and compounds. The program reliably detects the under- or oversupply of compound through regular monitoring and issues customized recommendations to the operator to ensure process stability. For example, by issuing short-term recommendations, such as to add water, and long-term advice, to check the automatic blast media replenishment. In addition, the software also keeps track of the other consumables used and helps you to ensure more precise dosing.

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Connecting multiple circuits to one industrial PC (IPC)

Many of our customers operate more than one process water recirculation system. So with our latest update, we made it possible to connect several systems. This significantly reduces the acquisition cost because now, thanks to Rösler Smart Solutions, up to ten systems can be monitored by just one industrial PC. The only requirement for this is that all the systems are in the same network. A central button is used to select the desired system, which is always displayed. Subsequently, all further actions, e.g. laboratory value measurements, recommended actions or setup settings, refer to the selected system.

"Today we automatically receive an easy-to-read evaluation and a list of corrective actions that can be immediately implemented. This is a valuable tool to keep the process water stable and maintain a consistently high part quality. We have seen a reduction of rework and scrap parts by up to 50 %."

Tobias König, Department manager for mass finishing & cleaning, Scherdel GmbH

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