Long Life compounds

Long Life compounds produce cost savings of up to 60 % and a more sustainable mass finishing operation

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Cleaning and recycling of the process water along with the use of recycling compounds has pretty much become the standard for mass finishing operations. But a key issue has always been how long the process water lasts before it must be exchanged. With our new Rösler Long Life compounds the usable life of the process water can be practically doubled for most applications. This significant improvement of our proven ZF compounds became possible with an innovative blend of raw materials. It allows us to maintain the excellent performance of our ZF compounds, such as corrosion protection, degreasing/de-oiling or general cleaning, and to increase the process water uptime by nearly 100 %. Besides significant savings in the use of fresh water and waste disposal costs the new compounds also increase the equipment uptime resulting in higher productivity.

More eco-friendly mass finishing operations
But when it comes to optimal resource utilization and sustainability, the Long Life compounds offer additional benefits: The newly formulated compounds substantially improve the sanitary balance of mass finishing operations. The addition of biocides to the process water for getting rid of unwanted microorganisms is no longer necessary. This protects the environment, reduces the workload of the employees and lowers the operating costs.


Cost savings of up to 60 %
The Long Life compounds reduce compound and water usage, lower costs for waste disposal, eliminate the need for biocides and help decrease the personnel costs for maintaining the process water. If all these benefits are added up, compared to the traditional ZF compounds, they amount to cost savings of nearly 60 %. This calculation does not consider the increased process stability due to the simplified process water handling. Anybody who wants their process water cleaning and recycling to become even more efficient and stable, can combine the Long Life compounds with the digital process water management system from “Rösler Smart Solutions”.