ALS UHPW-Systems

  • Removes even the hardest coatings from high-quality components

  • Robot-controlled for high accuracy and repeatability

  • Compact design and efficient use of space

  • Closed water circuit optional

  • High pressure pump for up to 4,000 bar

  • Specially designed for the aerospace industry

Ultra-high pressure water jet system

The ALS ultra-high-pressure water jet system is equipped with a large, L-shaped automated front door. The main door opens both the entire front area and the roof. It is then possible to load the part to be processed directly into the blast cabin using an overhead crane. The system is highly flexible and can be equipped with robots, various high pressure water nozzles, or a self-centering rotary table in order to process parts in any position. A highly efficient pump delivers up to 4,000 bar working pressure and enables the decoating of a wide range of materials.

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