Multi Tumbler

  • Batch processing with 100% batch integrity

  • Uniform blast media circulation

  • Processing of even the smallest components thanks to gap-free design of the work piece drum without jams

  • Integrated anti-static spray system

  • High process consistency thanks to automatic monitoring systems (e.g., drives) and automatic blast media replenishment systems (e.g., blast media)

  • Optimum, multi-stage blast media cleaning via blast chamber extraction and screen systems

RMTS-80 Multi-Tumbler

The Multi-Tumbler is ideally suited for the automatic deburring of even the smallest bulk goods. The work pieces are deburred by the blast media applied to the work piece bed by a blast turbine mounted on the lid of the blast chamber. The inner wall of the Multi-Tumbler has specially shaped ribs, while the bottom is designed as a three-sided pyramid. This unique combination provides the innovative “multi-tumble” effect of the different work pieces: when the drum rotates, the internal ribs provide for lateral mixing of the work pieces. The pyramid also causes an exchange between upper and lower layers. This multiple rotation ensures that all surface areas are evenly and reliably covered by the blast media.

Additional Components

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