• Robust manual blasting unit with double side doors

  • Special rubber coating for high wear protection and noise reduction

  • Recycling systems for blast media preparation optional

  • Numerous sizes and options available

  • Optional loading station with loading cart

  • Motorized turntable optional

The large side access doors of this machine series makes loading and unloading of workpieces easy.We offer these systems in the version injector blasting (S) or pressure blasting (P) versions. The design is modular, so components such as turntables and rotating baskets can be easily added. A wide range of options is also available, such as automatic nozzle movements, extended abrasive preparation or additional wear protection.

Injector blast machines

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Injector blasting machine VB S

The system features a special inner rubber coating for high wear protection and improved noise insulation. Its recycling systems can be equipped with microcyclones or operated with stand-alone cyclones. The system can be combined with a high quality blasting system with ATEX filter. Many sizes and numerous options are available, such as loading cart with integrated turntable for ergonomic loading and unloading.

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Pressure blasting machine VB P

The separate pressure system has a large pressure vessel for long blasting sequences. The system works with any type of abrasive, from steel shot to plastic media and nutshells. A basic abrasive preparation system is included, this can be upgraded at any time to accommodate high-end processes. Many options and configurations are available to suit the customer's application situation and specifications.

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VB 250 P Large, customized pressure blast machine

The VB 250 P pressure blast machine is a large unit for processing large and/or heavy parts. Its robust industrial design allows for heavy-duty use. The special rubber coating provides high wear protection and good noise reduction. Workpieces are loaded outside the booth onto a rotary table that swings into the processing area on a swivel arm. The rotary table movement is manual or motorized.

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