Wire mesh belt blast machine

  • Gentle and all-round processing of complex components in a single pass

  • High throughput performance thanks to continuous blasting process

  • Integrated anti-static spray system

  • High process consistency thanks to automatic monitoring systems (e.g., drives) and automatic blast media replenishment systems (e.g., blast media)

  • Optimum, multi-stage blast media cleaning via blast chamber extraction, screening systems, and cascade air separator

  • Modern PLC control with storable recipes

RSAB wire mesh belt blast machine

The Rösler wire mesh belt blast machine is a compact high-performance system with one to four turbines depending on the chosen configuration. Accelerated by these turbines, the blast media acts from above and/or below. The plastic work pieces are continuously conveyed on a wire mesh belt and deburred in a single pass. This type of system is particularly suitable for processing small to medium-sized work pieces where part on part contact needs to be avoided.

Additional Components

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