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Customer Experience Centers Offer Free Surface Finishing Insight & Solutions

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During more than 80 years in business, the Rosler team has gained extensive experience in shot blasting and mass finishing for a variety of industries.


In addition to the machinery and consumables we provide, our Customer Experience Centers enable us to demonstrate Rosler’s expertise by processing your samples with settings and requirements tailored to your needs.


Sending your work pieces to one of our 11 test centers around the world is an important step in achieving the perfect surface finishing process.


Learn what to expect from Rosler’s Customer Experience Centers and get the most out of your partnership with Rosler from Sales Representative and Interim Product Manager of Turbine Blast Equipment Zack Murray and Mass Finishing Product Manager Michael Salyers.


What to Expect as a Customer


To achieve optimal processing results, we carry out sample processing step-by-step.


With an emphasis on finding a better way, our process includes:



  1. A joint kick-off meeting (in-person or virtually) between your team and Rosler experts to set the processing objective.
  2. Determination of the process technology.
  3. Sample processing.
  4. Appraisal by Rosler shot blasting or mass finishing experts. In some cases, both.
  5. Creation of detailed test and measurement reports.
  6. An opportunity for you to evaluate the results and a final meeting.


Salyers, a mass finishing expert with four years of experience at Rosler, describes the sampling process as collaborative and informative.


“The customer gets the chance to meet all of the key players involved in the project. They have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have, review the equipment available, and discuss the pros and cons of each,” he said.


“As a team, we review the customer’s parts, goals, and expectations. Based on many years of experience, our team will consider each factor involved with finishing the part, select the most appropriate machine, media, and compound, and then run test trials in order to reach the stated goal.”


Whether you are in search of a mass finishing or shot blasting system, you can expect a team who will listen to your desires, uncover and discuss your pain points, and then develop a solution that best fits your goals, Salyers said.


Murray, a shot blasting expert with nearly nine years of experience, agreed but said the shot blasting sampling process typically starts with more options already predetermined.


“A large majority of the time, customers already know what shot blasting media they are going to be using—either because they are already using it in a different machine, a sisterplant of theirs is using it for similar applications, or an upstream application is currently outsourced using that media,” he said, “Therefore, the only things that need to be verified are time cycles for batch or single part processing applications or throughput speeds for continuous throughput applications.”


Rosler CEO Bernhard Kerschbaum (bottom left) and Customer Experience Center Process Expert Jim Kellay (bottom right) meet virtually with a customer to discuss a test batch and demonstrate Rosler’s capabilities without the need for an in-person meeting.


The typical testing experience does not even necessitate the customer’s presence on-site, Murray said. Testing can be accomplished by the customer sending sample work pieces to Rosler which are then processed with different cycle times or throughput speeds and sent back to the customer for evaluation.


“For the relatively rare case wherein the customer is in need of our support for media selection and th eprocess needs are special enough that we don’t have an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution ready based on previous experience, Rosler tries to have the customer visit our facility for the testing,” Murray said.


“We do an initial round of testing in our manual air blast or wet blast cabinets using a small cut of the part for larger parts or a small batch of the parts for smaller parts so that we can quickly change out the media to show the results of several materials and/or sizes of media. Once the customer has verified which media gives them the finish they are looking for, we do a separate test to verify time cycles orthroughput speeds.”


Preparing for Testing


While testing in our Customer Experience Centers is free of charge to prospective and current customers, Rosler understands that your time is valuable. Gathering the right information prior to testing can help expedite your test trials and enable us to develop the exact system for your needs more quickly so you can implement changes or plan for system upgrade investments sooner rather than later. 


Gathering information for testing typically begins with a one-page initial inquiry questionnaire specific to mass finishing or shot blasting. Both versions contain questions related to processing objectives, final surface quality, work piece conditions and specifications, desired processing modes, reason for investment, project budget, and desired timeline.


Specific to the type of surface finishing sought, each questionnaire also addresses current systems in use and more process-specific information.


Rosler Customer Experience Center Process Expert Jim Kellay conducts a virtual test trial review with a customer.


“Our goal is to create a collaborative process,” Salyers said. “The more information a customer can provide regarding their problems and goals, the more effective solution we can develop.


“No two projects are the same. There is no magic bullet or media for every part. Each part must be considered individually before a comprehensive process can be developed.”


Rosler’s ability to communicate the potential and limitations of shot blasting and mass finishing for specific customer processes relies on understanding the customer’s initial work piece condition and end goal, all finishing steps utilized, and productivity metrics sought.


“Communication is the key in identifying unrealistic expectations as well as identifying innovative solutions,” Salyers said. “Fully understanding the customer’s needs and goals in the beginning helps us achieve maximum results for them.”


Visual inspection of knee femorals after tested processing in Rosler’s United States-based Customer Experience Center for the desired surface finish.


The Rosler Way


“Finding a better way…” is more than a motto at Rosler; it’s our mission. With more than 80 years of experience and a portfolio containing more than 15,000 equipment and consumable products, solving challenges is what we do.


Contact us today to get our Customer Experience Center to work developing a solution for your surface finishing challenges!


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