Orthopedic Implants, Part 7 – Processing Technology Evolves with Industry Advancements

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Due to their precision, efficiency, and economy, mass finishing and shot blasting are an indispensable part of the finishing process for a wide variety of orthopedic implants in different manufacturing stages.


These flexible machines can handle general cleaning; deburring; surface smoothing after casting, forging, stamping, machining, and heat treatment; surface preparation for polishing or coating; and the placement of the final finish on all kinds of implants and medical devices.


With an experienced partner such as Rosler, these processes are also capable of adapting to emerging trends with proper testing and processing trials.


Evolving Technology & Outlook


Orthopedic implant manufacturers are at the cutting edge of medical technology. New materials and manufacturing techniques and technologies are constantly evaluated to improve the performance and longevity of the implants and reduce the manufacturing cost. Two examples are the increased use of ceramics as base material or coating and additive manufacturing.   



These new materials present new challenges for finishing equipment because of the material properties and/or starting conditions. Suppliers of mass finishing and shot blasting equipment and consumables have met these challenges head-on by modifying existing equipment designs or developing brand-new machinery. However, the biggest progress has been made in the field of mass finishing media.


There is now media on the market that allows for the placement of a high-gloss finish on components made from cobalt-chrome or titanium, after CNC grinding. And these media even allow mirror polishing of ceramic work pieces. Likewise, 3D printed components can be finished from initial surface readings of >2,000 micro inches (50 μm) down to less than 10 (0.25 μm).


Testing & Trials


In many cases, the optimum manufacturing process includes multiple production steps. Working with experts from the device manufacturer and the finishing system supplier will ensure that the entire production process is considered when finding the optimum solution. It might be possible to reduce the cycle time in a previous higher-cost production step to a lower-cost finishing step without jeopardizing the final product.


At Rosler, we understand the rigorous requirements for orthopedic implants and are well suited to help you achieve your goals through a better finishing process and an integrative approach.


One of Rosler's mass finishing-focused Customer Experience Centers


Our systems and processes are tailor-made, both to the respective processing requirements as well as to their optimal placement in the production sequence. Rosler Group test centers around the globe are equipped with the latest in systems engineering.


In order to capture data on the respective processing sequence, customer work pieces first undergo sample processing in the test centers to determine which processing method – mass finishing, shot blasting, or a combination of the two – will be used and with which peripheral devices.


One of Rosler's shot blasting-focused Customer Experience Centers


The Rosler Way


Whatever your shot blasting needs are for your orthopedic implants, Rosler will learn about your challenges in order to develop and deliver a solution. Contact us today to discuss your unique challenges and to request a FREE sample processing in one of our Customer Experience Centers.


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