Aircraft turbine blades before and after high-pressure water jetting

Eco-friendly and
high-performance technology that is gentle on materials

Turbine wheel before high-pressure water jetting Turbine wheel after high-pressure water jetting

High-quality workpieces need a particularly gentle finishing process. High-pressure water jet blasting is gentle on materials, environmentally friendly and blasts waters at up to 5000 bar.

Very hard coatings can be removed in a particularly gentle way using high-pressure water jet blasting.

Blasting with water through a rotating multi-nozzle also has many more benefits. For example, no blast media is used which minimizes the abrasion to the base material. Subsequent cleaning of the workpieces due to dust or blast media is eliminated. Temporary corrosion protection is also possible by adding compounds to the process water. The option to continually re-use the process water in a closed-loop system also makes high-pressure water jet blasting very environmentally friendly.

Our high-pressure water jet machines have been used in the aerospace sectors for years. Let's find out together, whether our gentlest form of mechanical blasting is the best solution for your project.

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