ISFÂź process
ISFÂź-Verfahren mit Gleitschlifftechnik

For superfine surfaces

Component before ISFÂź processing Component after ISFÂź processing

Isotropic Superfinishing, ISF¼ for short, is also known as the “REM process” and stands for chemically accelerated surface finishing.

The patented ISFÂź process is the ideal combination of chemical and mechanical surface finishing. It is used when high-quality parts need to be finished as gently as possible.

By using compounds, usually in the acidic pH range, a thin conversion layer forms on the parts being processed. This is then removed by the special grinding media used in the process. This ensures the permanent removal of the material. The subsequent neutralization phase produces super-smooth, shiny and decorative surfaces. Another benefit of this surface finishing technique is that the achieved surface profile reduces the rolling and running noises of components, while also increasing their service life.

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