Steel beams before and after derusting
Entrosten mit Gleitschliff- oder Strahltechnik

Clean and free from residue

Steel girders before derusting Steel girders after derusting

Removing rust from metal components made of iron or steel is one of the classic applications of mass finishing and shot blasting technology.

Metal parts often need to have rust removed before further processing. The blasting process used is known as blast cleaning. This effectively and completely removes the unwanted layer of corrosion without altering the surface of the base metal.

Rust can be removed even more gently using a mass finishing process. This process is used when rust removal is required for smaller components, even in large quantities.

Our extensive portfolio offers you a range of solutions for vibratory grinding and shot blasting, so you can select the best machine technology for your application in order to reliably and gently remove rust from your components.

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