A new dimension for shot blasting of small parts

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With its intelligent design details and proven components, the innovative Rösler Multi Tumbler ensures high levels of process safety for the shot blasting of mass produced small parts. 

Regardless of how parts are produced, be it by casting, forging or stamping, their treatment in batches poses special technical challenges for a shot blast machine. The most important requirement for batch processing is the prevention of the parts getting lodged or damaged during the shot blast process. Of equal importance is the intensive yet gentle mixing of the parts to achieve optimum process results in short cycle times. The new Rösler Multi Tumblers fulfills all these requirements in a spectacular manner!

The unique design produce superior shot blast results
A key feature of the Multi Tumbler (RMT) concept is the innovative geometry of the rotary tumbling barrel. The inside of the barrel wall features specially contoured ridges, while the bottom is shaped in the form of a three-sided pyramid. Apart from the fact that the barrel has no gaps whatsoever, this design produces the special “multi tumbling” effect: The ridges in the barrel wall cause the parts to tumble and mix, while the pyramid in the barrel bottom forces the parts to the top of the mass for good exposure to the blast media. This design guarantees the problem-free shot blasting of extremely flat and small parts without any lodging or damage to the parts. During the shot blast process the barrel is sealed closed with a lid preventing any blast media spilling to the outside. The optimum placement of the blast turbine on the barrel lid ensures the complete coverage of the parts batch by the blast stream for absolutely homogeneous and repeatable blast results. The raw parts are placed into the tumbling barrel with a hydraulic loader that tilts by 160° for complete unloading of the parts from the transport bin.

Versatile Multi Tumbler
The compact RMT machines are available in different versions and sizes and do not require a foundation pit. Parts with sizes as small as 2.5 mm can be easily processed in this machine type.  RMT machines are also suitable for batch processing of large work pieces with sizes up to 600 mm. This is especially advantageous for work pieces with complex shapes and inner contours where spinner hanger or wire mesh belt machines might not reach all surface areas.
Depending on the machine size and the processing objectives like general blast cleaning, de-sanding, sand core removal, deburring, paint preparation, up to shot peening and decorative blasting, the Multi Tumblers can be equipped with either one or two turbines. Of course, Multi Tumblers can also be supplied with compressed air blast systems. The RMT machines are available as stand-alone systems. They can also be fully automated and integrated into existing manufacturing lines.

Robust design and easy maintenance
The tumbling barrel is made from wear resistant manganese steel. The innovative machine design requires a minimum of wear parts which are easily and quickly replaced. For this reason the multi tumbler from Rösler not only offers superior technical performance for batch processing of difficult parts, it also features excellent wear protection resulting in improved uptime and offering ease of maintenance.