A new mass finishing technology for automated finishing processes, reduces cycle times

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Targeted "surfing" in a bed of finishing media

Fully automatic processing, extremely short cycle times, high process stability, repeatability and finishing of precisely targeted surface areas – these are the many benefits of the new Rösler "Surf" Finishing technology for deburring, surface grinding, smoothing and polishing of delicate, high-value work pieces with complex geometries. 

Growing demands for improving the quality of finished surfaces, for stability & repeatability of the finishing processes together with the need for further increased cost efficiencies, requires innovative technologies for treating high value components with more complex geometries. Röslers Research & Development has met this challenge head-on with the newly created “Surf Finishing” technology. It allows fully automatic dry or wet processing of delicate work pieces to be accommodated, which, to date, could only be finished with highly unreliable and costly manual methods or with very expensive mechanical systems.

The ideal combination of robotic handling and special media motion
Depending on the finishing application, the Surf Finishing technology uses either one or multiple 6-axis robotic arms to lower the work pieces into a rotating processing bowl filled with grinding or polishing media. This process allows either all-around surface finishing of the work pieces or the selective treatment of targeted surface areas. The simultaneous “surfing” of the work pieces through the grinding media and the rotation of the processing bowl generate an extremely high grinding pressure. The result is a very intensive process and a perfect surface finish, in amazingly short cycle times.

Easy integration into manufacturing lines
Surf Finishing guarantees very high process stability and repeatability and is, therefore, the ideal technology for single component treatment in the aerospace, automotive, hydraulic, energy generating and many other industries where precise deburring, surface grinding, smoothing and polishing are essential. Multiple component / part specific processing programs are stored in the system controls from where they can be quickly retrieved by the operator.  

The treatment process can be augmented by material handling and other auxiliary equipment such as component / part transport systems and part washers. Therefore, the Surf Finishing equipment can be easily integrated into complex, automated manufacturing lines.