Automatic cleaning, drying and polishing of cutlery

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Hygienically clean without any cleaning or polishing by hand

Shiny and spot-free cutlery is essential for any gastronomical establishment, be it a  large cafeteria or a mobile catering operation. Rösler offers systems that produce clean and properly sanitized cutlery without time consuming and costly manual cleaning and polishing.

Water spots on knifes, forks and spoons create not only a poor optical impression,  but they can also damage the reputation of a restaurant or a caterer. On the other hand, a lot of costly hand work is necessary to dry and polish the cutlery after it comes out of the dishwasher. This dilemma can be easily resolved with the cutlery drying, polishing and sanitizing systems, model range CD from Rösler, with a capacity of 3,000, 5,000 and 8,000 cutlery pieces per hour. It is not surprising that these systems are in operation all over the world. The wet cutlery pieces taken out of the dishwasher are placed into the continuous feed CD system where they are dried and polished by passing through the spiral bottom processing bowl filled with special germfree granular media – by the way a purely organic product. Cutlery made from stainless steel or other high value materials exits the drying/polishing system absolutely dry and shiny in food grade hygienic condition. The CD systems are equipped with a UVC lamp that sterilizes the cutlery and drying/polishing media.

Gentle removal of dried food residue from the cutlery
For economical and high quality cleaning, drying and polishing of cutlery and other cooking utensils like skimming spoons and soup ladles the Rösler cutlery cleaner RCC in combination with the cutlery dryer RCD offers many features. For example, depending on the degree of contamination on the cutlery parts the system can be run in continuous feed mode or in batch mode, with 200 – 500 parts per batch, and with variable treatment times. Thanks to the intensive and, at the same time, gentle cleaning process with specially developed cleaning media and compounds, even dried food residue that has been on the cutlery for many hours is quickly removed without any manual pre-cleaning of the cutlery pieces. After the cleaning stage the parts are passing through an optional rinse station utilizing fresh water and are then directly transferred into the vibratory drier. There the wet cutlery is placed into a mass of special germfree organic granular media heated to a preset temperature. The end result is a shiny, absolutely spot-free surface finish.

This saves not only personnel costs, but the automatic cutlery cleaning/drying process also reduces the consumption of dishwashing liquid, water and energy. Of course, the RCC system allows not only the cleaning but also the surface improvement – for example, the removal of fine scratches -- from stainless steel and other high value cutlery pieces.