Fully automatic finishing of small bulk parts

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"Two-in-one" integrated washing and drying system reduces manual parts handling

Even today typical mass finishing processes such as deburring, edge breaking/radiusing, smoothing & polishing, cleaning & degreasing, etc., are still done in highly labor intensive and costly rotary barrels. The minimization of manual parts handling, a better control of the overall finishing process and batch integrity, i.e. no mixing of different types of parts, were just a few of the technical requirements we specified for the development of our new 2-in-1 integrated WTA washing & drying system. This system was specifically developed for part-on-part processing without any grinding or polishing media.

The finishing process
The “wet” finishing process, with the addition of water and compound, and the subsequent drying process take place in the same machine. The various process stages can be exactly programmed with a PLC. Besides features like a higher degree of automation, less manual parts handling, etc., the WTA system offers another major advantage: it can be run in flow-through mode as well as with high water level in the processing bowl. This helps minimize processing times, yields cleaner parts, improves their looks and produces an overall better finish.

Integrated hot air drying system
The finished parts are dried with hot air and without the addition of any drying media to ensure that no residual water stains remain on the parts surface. The energy saving hot air suction system results in amazingly short drying times. Even cup-shaped parts can be dried quickly and free of water stains without any problems. 

Total unload capability
WTA systems are available as rotary vibrators as well as centrifugal disk finishing systems. Both machine types allow the complete unloading of a batch of finished parts to take place either by tilting the work bowl or by activating an unload gate in the bottom of the work bowl.

Many applications
WTA Systems can be utilized for processing of parts ranging in size from 0.3 mm (1/4in) up to approximately 100 mm (4in). Successful applications include the deburring and cleaning of zipper parts, brazing & welding contacts, hooks and eyes, buttons, rivets, bushings, screws, disks, springs, pins, spindles and shafts.

The process engineers in our demonstration and test centers will be happy to develop the right finishing process for your parts!