Fully automatic mass finishing system

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A small machine footprint and excellent process stability!

Based on the centrifugal disk finishing machine FKS 04.1 E-SA Rösler engineers have developed a compact, fully automatic mass finishing system for a leading automotive supplier.

When the customer was ready to purchase a new surface finishing system for deburring of small disks made from steel (? = 18 mm/0.72”) and shafts (? = 4 mm/0.16”, length = 15 mm/0.6”), the technical requirements were extremely high. Past experience had shown that media chips were prone to lodge in the small notches in the disks requiring a costly and time consuming manual removal. The customer also specified fully automatic operation including part drying and an extremely small equipment footprint.

Maximum process stability
The process parameters including the optimum compound and media were determined by multiple processing trials at the Rösler test center. Since Rösler produces everything in-house, the compound and media could be ideally adapted to this challenging deburring task. A pre-tumbled miniature ceramic media type proved to be the ideal choice.

Integrated part/media separation unit
The Rösler engineers chose the compact centrifugal disk finishing system FKS 04.1 E-SA and modified it to fully meet the customer’s requirements. These included a PLC controller that not only stores 20 processing programs, it also controls the various process steps including the auxiliary spray bars in the work bowl for flushing all parts out of the tilted work bowl onto the screening area during the unload process. A vibratory motor mounted to the slide gate on the work bowl rim ensures a gentle and even transfer of the finished parts to the integrated separation unit. Both features help prevent the mixing of different batches, a key factor for a safe and stable process. Once they have been separated from the media, the finished disks and shafts are transported to an off-line hot air drier where after they become completely dry they are ready for assembly.