High quality shot blast solutions at low costs

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Nowadays, due to competitive pressures, many manufacturers invest only in plant and equipment, when their order books allow it. At the same time they also reduce the outsourcing of manufacturing capacity. Rösler is responding to this growing trend with an expansion of its range of economical standard shot blast machines.

Equipment purchased for fulfilling certain customer orders must amortize itself quickly. But high quality, excellent wear resistance and high uptimes are equally important. Of course, these requirements also apply to investments in shot blast equipment to help keeping blast operations in-house, even at a somewhat lower equipment utilization, and to prevent the need of outsourcing to external service organizations. For exactly such applications Rösler significantly expanded its range of standard shot blast machines.

High manufacturing depth and fewer equipment variants keep prices low

The term “standard” means that these machines are only available in a few different versions. This allows the cost efficient manufacturing of small machine quantities for stock allowing extremely short delivery times. Rösler’s high manufacturing depth with steel fabrication, control panel assembly, machining, IT and machine assembly, all located in-house, is also a significant cost saving factor and guarantees the proven Rösler quality for standard equipment at reasonable prices. Of course, these machines, designed for “plug-and-play” installation and easy operation can also be quickly installed and operated at the customer site.

A design that meets today’s market requirements

The Rösler range of standard shot blast equipment including dust collectors consists of more than 50 machine types with several hundred equipment variants for such diverse industries as light metal and steel foundries, automotive suppliers and steel fabrication. To meet the growing demand in different industries and markets Rösler is continuously expanding its range of standard machinery with specially designed variants. This also includes sizable investments in new manufacturing facilities around the world allowing the production of standard shot blast machines for local markets at competitive prices, but always to the strict Rösler quality and design standards. This strategy is key for strengthening our global market presence.  Responsibility for R & D and engineering for standard equipment as well as custom engineered shot blast systems remains at our headquarters in Untermerzbach, Germany.