Rösler preservation line

Higher efficiency due to new preservation line for Konings Staal

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“With this new preservation line, we have doubled the capacity compared to the previous preservation line.” Reports Bas Weterings, Manager at Konings Staal.

In July and August 2019, a new Rösler preservation line was built at Konings Staal in Roosendaal. Konings Staal is one of the leading steel wholesalers in the South of the Netherlands, this modern company with a rich history has a wide variety of products and can also handle various steel treatments. Specific holes or markings can be added to customer requirements. Blasting and/or preservation (2 colors) is also possible and is all done in-house, ensuring fast delivery times.

A Rösler Preservation line offers you:

  • highly efficient, space saving pre-heater
  • efficient blast abrasive cleaning
  • paint cabins with high speed part detection to minimize paint consumption
  • efficient, low energy paint drying tunnel
  • up to 20% improved performance with the Gamma G Turbines

“The most innovative solution that perfectly matches Konings Staal’s vision for the future in order to supply our customers better and faster. We have found a reliable partner with Rösler”, Says Bas Weterings.

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