Improving the Surface Finish of Hydraulic Cylinder End Plates

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The transfer of power is one of the most important and demanding processes in modern machinery and more times than not it is achieved by utilizing hydraulic cylinders. RDC Control in Quebec, Canada, a manufacturer of industrial hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, was looking to improve the surface finish of their cylinder end plates, while reducing processing times. To do so, they purchased an RHBE Spinner Hanger Shot Blast machine from Rosler Metal Finishing, USA.

Choosing the RHBE

RDC’s cylinder plates are shot blasted to clean and improve the contact surface in order to ensure maximum adhesion to a layer of corrosion resistant paint. RDC had previously been using a subcontractor to air blast the end plates but Ariel Schtenbarg, Director of Engineering at RDC, knew that “there was something better”. RDC wanted to find an in-house solution that was cost effective, efficient and could provide a uniform surface finish. That is what led them to contact Rosler Metal Finishing, after assessing the parts and desired finish; Rosler was able to recommend an RHBE Spinner Hanger Shot Blast Machine. Rosler’s RHBE unit was a perfect fit for this project in which the parts could not be tumbled in bulk loads due to part-on-part contact, which causes nicks and surface damage. In this application the parts are mounted by hooks on a “Christmas tree” style fixture in the blasting chamber. The simultaneous rotating and oscillating movement of the spindle ensures that the blasting media, accelerated by multiple turbines, reaches every component, providing the best possible uniform blasting result. This process allows RDC to efficiently process multiple parts at a time with a cycle time of two minutes, as opposed to air blasting the parts one at a time.

Machine Details

The RHBE manufactured for RDC has a blast cleaning zone that’s 35” in diameter and 51” tall. The machine is equipped with two direct drive 7.5 HP blast turbines, which use Carbon Steel Cast Shot to achieve the desired finish. Like all RHBE’s, this unit came standard with a y-switch type overhead monorail system, which allows the operator to load and unload one fixture, while the other fixture with the parts is being processed in the machine.