Mass finishing solutions for electric vehicles

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Vehicles driven by batteries or fuel cells and plug-ins contain a large amount of electrical and mechatronic components. These include connectors, circuit boards and busbars. For transferring the power they must handle high electric volumes. To function well, they must be free of burs and perfectly clean. For this surface finishing task the mass finishing technology represents a highly effective and economic solution. By fine-tuning the equipment and the consumables (media and compound), all developed and produced in-house, Rösler ensures that the required surface finishes are consistently achieved within short cycle times. Mass finishing systems are also used for finishing copper bars and various kinds of stampings. Copper bars are increasingly employed as winding material for rotors, whereas bent and stamped components are used for all kinds of housings.

Friction causes not only increased wear and fuel consumption. It also generates unwanted noise emissions, vibrations and increased temperatures. Minimizing friction is, therefore, an important goal for components in vehicles that are powered by batteries or combustion engines. The optimal surface smoothing of components such as gears, cam segments, piston rings and camshafts are achieved with fully automatic mass finishing systems, for example, drag and surf finishers. The component surface is not only smoothed by removing roughness peaks and valleys. In addition, the components are also completely deburred. Such multi-function finishing operations in one single process generate significant cost savings and repeatable results.