New continuous flow wire mesh belt blast machine from Rösler runs more efficiently and saves valuable resources

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Over the course of a project to improve overall productivity and to make the coating of WPC (wood plastic composite) profiles more eco-friendly, the Jürgen Schröder GmbH has invested in new machinery. Specifically, the company purchased a new wire mesh belt machine RDGE 600-L from Rösler.

The Jürgen Schröder GmbH, founded in 1980, has established itself in the market as a painting job shop for wooden windows, sun rooms, planed components, all kinds of moldings, doors, etc. For painting wooden components the company, with many years of experience, is also utilizing ultra-modern coating technologies. Decisive factors for choosing the continuous flow wire mesh belt blast machine RDGE 600-L were the excellent quality, the machine design tailored to the company’s requirements and the professional support by the Rösler sales team.

Strict requirements regarding performance and sustainability
At the moment the WPC profiles, such as base boards or floor boards for decks, are extruded at the suppliers with the color requested by the customers already mixed into the molding compound. This causes frequent production stoppages and material losses at the extrusion lines, whenever a color change takes place. Therefore, it is not surprising that all involved parties wanted to eliminate these color changes by applying the desired color after the extrusion operation.

A tailormade equipment concept thanks to the Rösler experts
Pre-condition for the optimal adhesion of the applied paint is the best possible surface preparation of the material substrate. The experts from Rösler and the Jürgen Schröder GmbH worked closely together to develop a process that not only met but exceeded the customer’s expectations. Tests to find out how the coatings perform under the most severe weather conditions and mechanical load tests proved very quickly the positive results so that the project could be implemented on an industrial scale.

Subsequently, Rösler developed a shot blast solution that is perfectly adapted to the specific work piece requirements and the capacity demands. The new system is also in full compliance with the existing and new logistical manufacturing conditions. By purchasing the continuous flow wire mesh belt blast machine RDGE 600-L the customer could also take advantage of this machine’s small footprint, its high cost efficiency, its ease of maintenance and excellent uptime.

The RDGE is equipped with two extremely wear resistant and easy-to-maintain high performance turbines. These are throwing the blast media on the WPC work pieces passing through the machine at a closely controlled speed and impact energy. The effect is a perfectly structured, isotropic work piece surface.

An integrated blow-off system is removing all residual blast media and other particles from the shot blasted work pieces. The particular work piece material required the installation of a dry dust collector with built-in explosion protection. Of course, the dust collector is in full compliance with all industrial safety regulations.

The shot blast machine, tailored to the specific customer’s needs, met not only his requirements regarding performance, cost and energy efficiency and equipment uptime, but it also represents a significant contribution towards environmental compatibility. Björn Schröder, general manager of the company, summarizes his expectations for the new shot blast machine: „Sustainability and a policy that protects valuable resources have always had a special place in our corporate philosophy”. Against this backdrop it was only natural that the project was partially funded with a grant from the European fund for regional development.

„We were impressed by the excellent equipment engineering and the professional advice of the Rösler people at our location and at Rösler’s test center. The integration of the shot blast machine into our existing manufacturing line could also be implemented without any flaws. We will contact Rösler for any future shot blast projects”, summarizes Björn Schröder, general manager of the Jürgen Schröder GmbH.