New Development: EVO Turbine

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Presented at METAV Duesseldorf

Single disk blast wheels are characterized by their ease of maintenance and the quick change of their throwing blades. These characteristics make them the ideal blast wheels for applications where pre-blast and post-blast manufacturing steps, like for example, robotic parts loading or the capacity of a painting system or a burn table, pose a limit to the overall parts transport speed. However, organizations like steel trading companies or steel fabricators require a very high parts throughput. For these companies the newly designed twin disk turbine from Rösler offers the required high speed for their shot blast operations.

The new twin disk direct drive turbines, named EVO 38, are available with drive motor powers from 11 up to 37 kW (15 to 50 HP) throwing up to 530 kg (1,172 lbs) of blast media per minute. Our second twin disk turbine range, EVO 50 this time with indirect drive, offers a maximum drive power of 110 kW (150 HP) and up to 1,300 kg/min (2,866 lb/min) media troughput. 

This new generation of Rösler turbines have been completely researched, designed, prototyped, tested, and manufactured in-house at Rösler. The use of highly wear resistant materials like manganese or hardened tool steel and the very precise fit of the laser-cut wheel housing components guarantee a robust design with a very long life. The new turbine design incorporates a self locking slide-in system for the throwing blades thus eliminating the need for fast wearing screws and clips and making the exchange of the throwing blades easy and quick. The EVO 38 is avaiable in three different diameters: 340 mm, 380 mm and 400 mm. The blast pattern of the new turbine is more concentrated, especially with regard to the “Hot Spot”. This makes these powerful turbines ideal for shot blast applications that require highly abrasive and aggressive blasting.