New training program on the topic of "Post Processing of additive manufactured components"

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As the world market leader in the field of surface finishing technology, it is important to us to offer our customers seminars on all our technologies and innovations. The Rösler Academy is the central training center and provides seminars on mass finishing and shot blasting technology. The focus is on practical orientation and application proximity as well as technical expertise and competence.

New in our program is the module Additive Manufacturing with the seminar “AM.1 Post Processing of additive manufactured components“, in which the customers learns everything about the finishing of 3D-printed parts, regardless of the printing technology or the material used (metal, plastic, ceramic, etc.).
In most cases, post-processing of 3D-printed parts is still done manually, which makes an economical and reproducible use of the technology difficult. The choice of the optimal finishing process leads, for example, to

  • increased productivity as a result of higher part throughput in production.
  • higher profitability thanks to automated processes.
  • better part performance due to better surface quality.

The aim of this seminar is to provide comprehensive knowledge about the challenges of post-processing. The customer gets to know the different printing technologies as well as the corresponding post-processing methods and is being enabled to prepare, evaluate and implement the optimal post-processing for his specific application. In addition, after the seminar the participant will be able to assess which aspects of post-processing need to be considered already in the design phase and during the printing process in order to achieve an optimal result.

Contents are (amongst others):

  • Introduction of the different 3D printing technologies
  • Relationship between 3D printing and post-processing
  • Support removal
  • Various forms of surface refinement
  • The influence of correct data preparation on post-processing

We offer the seminar in German and English language. Further information and the registration form can be found here.