Optimum adaptation –The new wire mesh belt machine RDGE 600-L

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Optimum adaptation

The new wire mesh belt machine RDGE 600-L has been specifically designed for the technical operating conditions generally found in the light metal die-casting industry.

Excellent blast cleaning and de-flashing results along with low operating costs and consistent process repeatability – these are the high-priority equipment requirements of OEMs and automotive suppliers. With the new continuous wire mesh belt shot blast machine RDGE 600-L Rösler fully meets these requirements for the efficient and cost effective blast cleaning of such parts. Major technical features of the RDGE 600-L are its compact design requiring very little space, the high equipment efficiency, easy maintenance and high equipment uptimes.

Compact and versatile machine concept
The blast system which requires no foundation pit, allows the processing of parts with a maximum width of 600 mm (24”) and height of 250 mm (10”). These dimensions cover an extremely wide range of die-castings. With a foot print of 5,800 x 2,560 x 4,280 mm (LxWxH), corresponding to about 232 x 102 x 171”, this wire mesh belt machine requires considerably less space than other blast machines used for processing the same component range. The special placement of the blast turbines allows a more compact design of the blast chamber. The optimum positioning of four 7.5 kW turbines was determined with a sophisticated computer simulation permitting the ideal adaptation of the blast machine to the given process requirements and guarantees consistently high quality blast results. A gap-free wear lining in the blast chamber, consisting of replaceable, overlapping manganese steel plates, offers the ideal protection against premature wear.
The transport of the parts through the machine takes place on a continuous wire mesh belt. The loading height of 1,000 mm (40”) ensures ergonomically ideal working conditions for manual loading of the parts. The compact design of the RDGE 600-L facilitates the automation of the parts loading step and allows easy integration of the blast machine into one or more die-casting cells. 

Energy efficient and reliable operation
The compact design minimizes the need for longitudinal and cross augers for the blast media transport. This represents a considerable saving in expensive wear parts and also helps reduce the required energy input resulting in lower operating costs and reduced CO2-emissions. The newly designed blast media recycling system allows all recycling components to be placed on the side of the machine. Because of the improved accessibility to all machine sections requiring regular maintenance, the maintenance work not only becomes easier but can also be done a lot faster. This ensures an exceptionally high machine uptime.