Rösler Anti-Dust: An additive for the dust absorption in drying processes with drying media

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Over 90 percent of all mass finishing applications are wet processes, where the finished work pieces must subsequently be dried. For this purpose, driers, filled with organic granules such as maize-cellulose product, are frequently utilized. Unfortunately, these organic materials are producing dust. The Rösler Anti-Dust additive reduces the dust formation significantly.

Anti-Dust is an easily dispensable liquid additive that can be used for drying of all kinds of metallic and plastic work pieces in conjunction with drying media. Already small amounts of Anti-Dust additive are effective over a period of several days and can be quickly replenished as needed. Without affecting the drying performance, it ensures less residual dust on the work pieces, in the environment and in the dryer. Environmental compatibility also played an important role in the development of this product. Anti-Dust consists of plant based materials and, in addition, is as safe as food.

The benefits of Anti-Dust at a glance:

  • Less residual dust in the dryer and the environment
  • Spot-free drying of the work pieces
  • No negative effect on the drying performance
  • Made from ecologically sustainable materials and as safe as food
  • Liquid additive that allows easy dosing