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Rösler is "Best of German Industry"

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Rösler OberflÀchentechnik GmbH has been awarded the "Best of German Industry" seal and is part of the "German Standards" initiative for SMEs, which was launched in 2018 under the leadership of the Hamburg-based ZEIT publishing group. The initiative awards the seal once a year to the most interesting and successful companies in Germany, and is supported by an advisory board of experts.

Inclusion in the "German Standards" is by nomination only. An independent jury then evaluates the nominated companies and recommends them for appointment. The aim of this broad-based initiative is to highlight the special achievements and global standing of German industrial companies. To this end, an especially large-format, high-quality illustrated book is published each year, in which the best and most interesting companies in German industry are presented on four pages each. The current edition of this book, which has just been published, also contains an article about Rösler OberflÀchentechnik GmbH.

For the first time, Rösler is one of the best of the best and can now bear the official "Best of German Industry" seal for three years. "We have long set international standards with our complete solutions for surface finishing.
We are therefore delighted that we can now officially carry the "Best of German Industry" award," says Stephan Rösler, President & CEO of Rösler OberflĂ€chentechnik GmbH. "Just like the creators of "German Standards", we believe that our German world market leaders and hidden champions provide stability in difficult times and are the locomotive for prosperity and growth. That is why we have been consistently focusing on long-term corporate orientation and sustainable growth for a long time.”

The Rösler Group is the global market leader in the field of surface treatment, with 15 locations and around 150 sales representatives worldwide, and most recently generated annual turnover of 302 million euros.