Rösler MultiShape ceramic media: A new, globally unique geometry

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To provide you with the best possible surface finishing solutions, our consumables must be as diverse as your work pieces. With around 15,000 different products we offer the by far largest range of mass finishing consumables in the world. And we are continuously adding new products!

Our latest innovation in the field of consumables is the Rösler MultiShape ceramic media.

A problem that occurs frequently with the use of ceramic media, is that the media gets lodged in the work pieces. Especially during the treatment of work pieces with complex shapes and extensive inner channels the media gets frequently lodged in the work pieces preventing optimal finishing results.

Our new MultiShape media was specifically developed for such situations. The globally unique shape of the new media, consisting of rounded areas on all sides, significantly reduces the risk of media lodging in the work pieces. Even after extended usage this media maintains its extraordinary shape. For this reason, the Rösler MultiShape media is ideal for the precise finishing of complex work pieces characterized by extensive internal sections with difficult-to-reach surface areas, edges, notches and slits. The risk of lodging has been practically eliminated, and after a short cycle time a homogeneous surface finish is achieved.

Compared to other ceramic media, the MS media increases the speed of the media movement in the processing bowl by up to 10% and creates a considerably higher motion intensity. The multi-functional and highly efficient media shape also produces a higher material removal rate on the entire work piece. This has an especially positive effect on the overall cost-efficiency, because it reduces the required processing times, allows using the media for a longer time period and eliminates unwanted costs for rework.

An international patent application for the MultiShape ceramic media has been filed under WO 2020/052797 (PCT/EP2019/000264).

All advantages at a glance:

  • A globally unique, patented media shape
  • The media works very well in different-to-reach surface areas, edges, notches and slits
  • Targeted finishing of internal work piece sections
  • Low risk of lodging
  • Compared to other ceramic media shorter processing times
  • Higher material removal rate
  • Longer usable life
  • Higher cost-efficiency by elimination of rework

We will be pleased to provide you with detailed information about our new MultiShape media.

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