Rösler MultiTumbler – the ideal solution for batch processing

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A new blast system conquers the shot blast market

It is not surprising that within just one year such characteristics as excellent process repeatability, a broad scope of applications, high cost effectiveness and compact design made the innovative Rösler MultiTumbler (RMT) shot blast system the favorite solution for batch processing.  

It seems that with the RMT equipment line Rösler has ideally met the market requirements for blast cleaning and shot peening of robust, sturdy parts that can tumble over each other without the risk of impingement. This innovative blast system was not only the highlight of our trade fair displays in 2013, but it has been a huge sales success with numerous purchase orders from different industries for a wide variety of parts.

Adaptation of shot blast parameters allows a wide range of applications
For example, a subcontract coating company chose a RMT 100 for descaling and surface roughening of forged parts, weighing from 100 grams (0.22 lbs) up to 40 kg (88 lbs), for plating preparation. The customer was impressed by the fact that the special geometry of the gap-free, wear resistant manganese steel drum could produce absolutely homogeneous and consistent blast results without any risk of parts tangling. To achieve the specified short cycle times Rösler installed two Gamma 400 Long Life turbines each equipped with a 37 kW drive.

At a global automotive supplier, who is using a RMT 70 for descaling, deburring and blast cleaning of cast steel piston rings, key performance criteria were the thorough mixing of the parts and their relatively gentle processing. Equipped with a single Hurricane® H42 turbine (22 kW drive power) and automatic blast media replenishment, this machine proved to be in a class of its own with regard to the achieved short cycle times.

At another customer the use of aluminum oxide as blast media for roughening the surface of small parts including screws, nuts and washers required the installation of a pressure blast system in the RMT. In this application the smallest part weighs only one gram (0.035 ounces). Four blast guns with boron carbide nozzles mounted on the lid of the blast barrel generate an optimum blast pattern in the barrel. A 350 liter (90 gal.) pressure pot supplies the four blast nozzles with blast media.

Other recent RMT applications are the simultaneous descaling and shot peening of steel components and the removal of burrs and flash from stainless steel connecting parts.

A machine type that meets practically all customer requirements
The RMT equipment range is also highly adaptable with regard to the barrel capacity. Depending on the model the capacity ranges from 80 to 1,200 liters (around 3 to 43 cuft). The maximum batch weight runs between 200 kg (440 lbs) and four metric tons (8,800 lbs). Further customer benefits of this compact shot blast system are that it does not require a foundation pit and that it can be easily integrated into complete manufacturing lines.