Rösler relies on solar energy - annual savings of approx. 475 tons of CO2

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The idea of environmental/climate protection is an integral part of the corporate culture of Rösler OberflÀchentechnik GmbH. In addition to its social obligations, the owner-managed industrial company is also aware of its ecological responsibility and acts accordingly, even in economically difficult times. For example, large-area photovoltaic systems have been installed on the roofs of various factory buildings in Memmelsdorf and in Hausen. The entire solar plant covers an area of around 7,000 square metres, which is comparable to the area of an entire football field. The expected annual output of the systems is approximately 1,000,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of environmentally friendly electricity, which corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of around 330 average households. This will reduce the burden on the environment by around 475 tons of CO2 per year, which could alternatively be achieved by planting 47,500 new trees. When the innovative solar plant goes into operation at the end of May, up to 99% of the electricity generated in Hausen and 92% in Memmelsdorf will be used for own consumption, with any surplus being fed into the public grid. Another positive side effect: the charging stations for the electric cars will also be supplied with the green electricity. "The photovoltaic systems are an important component of our long-term oriented and sustainable company philosophy. In addition to environmental considerations, economic considerations also play a role. With the help of this investment, we will permanently reduce our operating costs, which in turn has a positive effect on our profitability," explains President & CEO Stephan Rösler. In future, employees and visitors will be able to follow the current performance data of the photovoltaic system in real time at selected locations in Hausen and Memmelsdorf.