The history of a takeover turned into a successful integration

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Rösler OberflÀchentechnik GmbH acquired Reni Cirillo, a well-established brand in the mass finishing field, in 2007.
It was not an operation dictated by the will to remove a competitor from the market, but rather a project aiming at acquiring the know-how of a competitor with a broad technical knowledge. Indeed, the takeover of Reni Cirillo by Rösler has resulted in the conservation and improvement of the knowledge and the technical solutions implemented by some mass finishing machines and equipment.

Rösler has completed its production range with many reliable Reni Cirillo plants. The ASRC "washer/dryers" and the AS dryers, as well as the more traditional RC round machines and the BRS longitudinal systems in some sizes, are still successfully produced. The customers that traditionally bought Reni Cirillo products have been ensured the same standards and continuity with the past, additional  all Rösler products.

The special or customised solutions have continued to be offered thanks to the fact that also Rösler has always been able to develop and produce in-house tailor-made solutions. The advantage for the customers, in this case, is that complete solutions are offered. The company has all that is needed to develop a system: technical department, software development, production, installers, service. In other words, "we can combine flexibility with the solidity of the structure".

In conclusion, what has been called a takeover in the past can now be defined as an excellent example of integration, where the production ranges of both companies have found their place and have been combined to provide the customers with winning solutions.