To achieve optimum shot blast results, ACCEMATIC chooses a wire mesh belt blast machine from Rösler

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Railings for stairways and balconies, fences or entrance gates are no longer just for protection and safety, but they have also become architectural highlights for residential areas and building fronts. Besides safety considerations, individual design aspects and the surface treatment are important factors for their production. To place a perfect surface finish on these components the French company ACCEMATIC decided to purchase a Rösler wire mesh belt blast machine, model RDGE 1250-4.

The French company ACCEMATIC, founded in 1991, specializes in the design and production of high-quality railings, fences and gates, all made from metal. Erick Paliga, general manager at ACCEMATIC, explains: „Thanks to our own engineering team our company offers not only standard products but also customized solutions. These also include various manufacturing steps like laser cutting, bending, shot blasting and powder coating”. Mr. Paliga adds: “Optimal surface finishes and high productivity are the top priorities, not only for us but also for our customers”. Based on these requirements ACCEMATIC invested in a Rösler wire mesh belt blast system, model RDGE 1250-4. The RDGE machines offer not only a surprisingly small footprint but also a high cost and energy efficiency and are very easy to maintain.

Excellent shot blasting results with the RDGE wire mesh belt blast machine
The Rösler turbine shot blast machine allows the all-around and intensive blast cleaning of flat and large as well as highly complex work pieces like railings for balconies or entrance gates in continuous flow operation. The RDGE is equipped with four high performance turbines, which are optimally placed around the blast chamber at a vertical and horizontal angle. This allows the perfect treatment of work pieces with difficult-to-reach surface areas like internal passages, undercuts, etc. A highly wear resistant wire mesh belt is used for transporting the work pieces through shot blast machine. Thanks to the special belt arrangement, the media thrown from the turbines located in the lower section of the blast chamber must only pass through one belt layer. This minimizes shadowing on the work pieces. Last but not least, this shot blast machine can be completely automated with special work piece loading and unloading tools like, for example, handling robots. This, combined with continuous flow operation, allows the easy integration of the shot blast machine into an existing manufacturing line.