Up to 40 % energy savings thanks to innovative drying solution following the mass finishing process

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About 90% of all mass finishing applications are wet processes. Therefore the workpieces must subsequently be dried either in continuous or batch operation. This process guarantees temporary corrosion protection as well as a spot-free surface and thus enables further processing of the workpieces without any problems. Regardless of this, the process requires significant energy input, especially in continuous operation. Currently, the heat required for drying is transferred to the drying media from the spiral heating elements through convection via the dryer base plate. This leads to high heat losses.

Modern, environmentally friendly and cost-effective drying

For a significantly more energy-efficient operation of rotary dryers with drying media, we have developed a new direct heat transfer system that is attached to the base plate of the working bowl. The heat is tranferred directly so that heat losses are minimized. This reduces the energy requirement by up to 40 % when using our new RT Euro-DH rotary dryer (patent application filed). Further savings avieced by the permanently monitoing the temperature of the drying medium and adjusting the required energy input.

The newly developed RT Euro-DH rotary dryer can be easily integrated into any production line and helps you to implement more effective energy management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001:2018, which came into force in February 2020, and to achieve the required energy savings. In addition, the new dryers make an important contribution to achieving the environmental and climate protection objectives.

Your benefits:

  • Short warm up cycle
  • Direct heating elements guarantee a high efficiency
  • Spot free drying of workpieces
  • Drying of the work pieces in a single pass (continuous feed mode) or in batches
  • Minimal dust generation during operation
  • Pre-select drying temperature
  • Continuous temperature control via thermostat
  • Protection against overheating
  • Dryer can be easily linked with all kinds of mass finishing system